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At the Future of Learning Conference, educators from across Southeast Asia will ​converge to ignite a revolution in education through technology. Delve into a dynamic ​atmosphere of networking, collaboration, and discovery as we unlock the secrets of ​transformative teaching methodologies. Presented by Apple Distinguished Educators ​and Apple Teachers, this immersive experience offers a deep dive into cutting-edge ​topics such as artificial intelligence policies and practices, digital wellness strategies, and ​fostering equity and inclusion in educational settings.

Our Core Values

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We value the power of creativity and encourage development of innovative approaches and ​solutions to improve teaching and learning. We embrace new ideas, methodologies, and ​technologies that can foster creative thinking among learners.


Innovation in education places the focus on the learner at the center. We value personalized

and learner-centric approaches that recognize the uniqueness of the individual learner.

We promote learner agency, engagement, and active participation in the learning process.


We uphold high standards of ethical conduct, integrity, and professionalism. We ​demonstrate fairness and equity, and promote an inclusive learning environment by ​fostering positive relationships. We embrace a culture of lifelong learning through reflection, ​evaluation, and adaptation.

Keynote Speaker

Educator, social scientist, and entrepreneur, Dr. Sabba ​Quidwai believes that cultures of innovation begin ​with a culture of empathy. Her career began as a high ​school teacher and evolved to Director of Innovative ​Learning at the University of Southern California, and ​later being recruited as an Education Executive at ​Apple. These experiences deepened her insights as a ​social scientist, focusing on designing learning ​experiences that equip everyone with the skills and ​strategies to be irreplaceable in a world with AI. She ​shares this research in her 2022 documentary, ​examining why and how design thinking is your ​human advantage in an AI world.

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(Design, Robotics,


Science, Arts, Math, Science)

Leadership ​&



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Planning Chairs

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Steve Katz

Elementary Tech Coordinator

Class of 2011 | @stevekatz

The International School

of Kuala Lumpur

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Je​ssica Hale

Planning Committee

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Joyce Zerda

EdTech Coach

Class of 2019 | @joycezerduh

M. Zed Christian School, Inc.


Kgs Aidil Firmansyah

Digital Learning Leader

Class of 2017 | @kgsaidilf

Al-Azhar Cairo Islamic School

Rolly Maiquez

Director of EdTech & ​Innovation and

Data Protection Officer

Class of 2010 | @rollymaiquez

VERSO International School

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Ji​m Tuscano

Grade School EdTech ​Coordinator

Class of 2015 | @jimtuscano

Xavier School

Round Vietnamese Flag of Vietnam

Ph​u Hua

Elementary School


Class of 2017 | @phuhua

Saigon South International School

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Helmi Norman

Associate Professor and Deputy ​Director of Instructional ​Technologies

Class of 2019 | @dr_helmi_norman

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Round Singapore Flag

Anne Wenstrom

Elementary PE Teacher, ​Professional Learning Coach, WOW ​Employee Wellness Coordinator

Class of 2013 | @awenstrom

Singapore American School


Em​ily Jones

Head of Lower School, Digital ​Technologies

Class of 2023 | @ej7416

Harrow International School, Bangkok

Round Singapore Flag

Au​relius Yeo

Head of Department, ​Educational Technology

Class of 2011 | @aureliusyeo

School of Science and ​Technology, Singapore


Steve Jackman

Head of Department

Class of 2017 | @sjeeves

Shrewsbury Riverside

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The International School of Kuala Lumpur

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55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Artificial Intelligence

This strand focuses on the transformative role of AI in educational ​practices and policies. Contributions explore integrating AI to enhance ​decision-making for leaders, educators, and students, and the ​streamlining of operations.


Design, Robotics, Engineering/Environmental Science, Arts, Math, Science

This strand explores the dynamic intersection of design, robotics, ​engineering, environmental science, arts, math, and science, showcasing ​how technology fuels innovation in maker cultures.

Leadership & Coaching

This strand spotlights innovative uses of technology to enhance ​leadership capabilities and coaching methodologies. Presentations ​illustrate how digital tools and platforms seamlessly integrate into ​leadership training, team management, and professional development.


This strand delves into strategies to promote physical, and social-​emotional well-being. Presentations spotlight cutting-edge tools, ​methods, and platforms that support individual wellness and school-​wide initiatives including digital wellness, fitness tracking, social-​emotional learning, and DEIJ.


This strand explores the future of education by examining the ​intersection of technology and creative processes. Presentations ​showcase how digital tools and innovative platforms stimulate, capture, ​and enhance creativity and improve teaching and learning across ​educational domains.

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This strand explores the future of education by examining the intersection of technology and creative ​processes. Presentations showcase how digital tools and innovative platforms stimulate, capture, and enhance ​creativity and improve teaching and learning across educational domains.

Transform Physical Objects by

Manoharan Karthigasu

Get ready to unleash the magic of learning with augmented reality (AR) and object capture! This session will be your guide to transforming everyday objects into interactive ​learning experiences. Imagine dusty textbooks bursting with life, historical artifacts whispering stories, and even your favorite toys becoming educational companions. We'll ​explore how AR can revolutionize the way we learn, making it engaging, fun, and accessible for everyone. Dive into powerful tools like Reality Composer, Spline, and Polycam, ​Photocatch and discover how to capture objects and infuse them with AR magic. We'll explore the cutting edge technology behind object capture and AR, giving you a glimpse ​into the exciting future of education.This hands-on session will equip you to create immersive learning experiences that spark curiosity and ignite a passion for knowledge. Join ​us and unlock the hidden potential within the physical world!

Innovative Storytelling: Enhancing Literacy with Keynote and iPad Creativity Tools by

Jose O’Donovan

Discover how to bring storytelling to life using Keynote, iPad stickers, and photos! Learn to engage children in creating stories and writing with fun, interactive digital tools.

Digi-quiry by

Rachel Smith

This session will explore how digital activities facilitate an enquiry curriculum in the primary setting. I will focus on using the iPad and the Apple suite of apps to promote ​metacognition, pupil independence and creativity using a range of lesson activity ideas and templates to share.

Podcasting: Leveraging Student Voice & Choice by

Tim Bray

Podcasting and vlogging continue to be powerful ways to provide students with opportunities to engage their voice and creativity. This session will provide educators with ideas ​of for using podcasting in their lessons from how to organize a project to what tools to use to produce the episodes. The specific tools supported will be GarageBand and iMovie.

Thinking Outside the Box: Getting Creative with Greenscreen by

Emily Jones

In this workshop, participants will be invited to think outside the box when using chroma key in lessons. We will go beyond simple background substitution and get creative by ​combining tools within apps such as Keynote and iMovie. Practical examples of innovative greenscreen use across an elementary school curriculum will be explored and then we ​will get creative with a hands-on workshop. Participants will be guided through the process of creating a ‘Magic Box’ project (based on the poem by Kit Wright) by using the ​chroma key function within iMovie. The final outcome will be a video of a magic box which has different compartments. When each compartment is opened, a different video, ​with corresponding sound effects, will play. Participants will need to bring iPads to the session with the latest versions of iMovie and Keynote installed.

Impact of Technology in Early Years by

Preeti Williams

Having transitioned from being an Early Years teacher to a Computing Lead, I've seen firsthand the remarkable impact of integrating technology into early learning.

In this session, I'm excited to showcase examples of simplified 'Everyone Can Create' projects that can enhance the learning experiences for young learners. Technology can ​significantly impact various areas of learning such as oracy, and tools like Keynote are especially versatile, opening up new realms of educational possibilities and creativity.

Creativity and sketch project in elementary school by

Rahmat Prayuda Dani

This session will talk about how I explore procreate apps in my art class with students to create a product such as costume design, poster, stage design, fabric motif, and an ​animation. I will share how this technology help me to build my ideas in teaching and learning to create a fun and creative product for students and school.

Artificial Intelligence

This strand focuses on the transformative role of AI in educational practices and policies. Contributions explore ​integrating AI to enhance decision-making for leaders, educators, and students, and the streamlining of ​operations.

Start Using AI Today with MagicSchool by

Tim Bray

AI does not have to be feared; in fact, it can be very useful in streamlining the paperwork of education. MagicSchool AI has been developed by educators, for educators and it can ​transform your work experience. Join his session to explore the possibilities of using AI in your planning and teaching. This session is aimed to support those who are new to ​using AI.

Collaborative Learning with AI: Harnessing Collective Intelligence by

Aris Suryamas

This session explores AI's transformative role in education through two case studies. First, discover how students use Notion to create a shared knowledge database, enabling AI ​to assist in recalling material and enhancing collaborative learning. Second, learn about NoteToday, a student-developed language learning iPad app that leverages collective ​intelligence and AI to personalize learning experiences. Understand how AI fosters creativity, personalized learning, and effective knowledge management, while upholding ​ethical standards and promoting an inclusive learning environment.

Generative AI for Augmented Reality on iPads for Teaching and Learning by

Dr. Helmi Norman

This workshop exposes participants to generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) tools that can be used to create digital assets that can be used for augmented reality (AR). Tools ​such as AI-based 3D model creation and AI-based skybox (sphere images for AR and VR) will be shared, as to provide ideas and inspiration in integration of AR for teaching and ​learning. Participants will also experience how to integrate these AI-based assets in Reality Composer for development of immersive AR environments.

Adventures with AI in the History Classroom by

Travis Copus

History is often the last classroom that is transformed by technology. Rather than the boring old lecture, what if we used generative AI to create art? Suddenly every student in ​the class can produce a high quality political cartoon or a propaganda poster. Could we spend less time developing the content in lectures and more time making it interactive? ​Of course, if we outsource the slide creation to genAI. This workshop will highlight some of the ideas I've found useful and help teachers stay away from some of the mistakes I've ​made.